USAG Tumbling & Trampoline Info

Welcome to Miss Maria’s USAG Tumbling and Trampoline National Award Winning Team!  Miss Maria’s has a strong trampoline and tumbling tradition, with team members taking top honors not only at the State of Kansas level, but also at Region III and the Junior Olympic National Championship level. Miss Maria’s USAG Team is known for its clean lines and technical precision during USAG competitions. These attributes continue to build Region III and Junior Olympic Champions. Many of Miss Maria’s USAG Team Members continue using their skills not only in high school gymnastics, but also in cheerleading, volleyball, pole vault, dive team, high jump, basketball, and many other sports that require the athlete to skillfully move their body in mid-air.

USAG stands for United States Association for Gymnastics.  It is not known to many that one of its FIVE divisions is Tumbling and Trampoline. Tumlbing and Trampoline is a GREAT Alternative to traditional Gymnastics.  Miss Maria’s competes at a state and National level in Tumbling and Trampoline.  We compete in 3 events; Power tumbling, double mini trampoline, and trampoline which is now an olympic event.   Miss Maria’s only competes in levels 5 and higher for USAG.  Because of this, students must be able to perform a round-off  back handspring before they are able to tryout for Miss Maria’s USAG Team.  Other students should begin with our NAC Competition Tumbling Team.   Miss Maria’s is very proud to be a part of the USAG Tumbling and Trampoline Team for the past 15 years.  We have competed in 14 State, Regional and Nationals Competitions and have many State, Regional and National Champions. USAG Tumbling and Trampoline is a great alternative to traditional Artistic Gymnastics. We would love to have you join our team!


Here are 6 important information notes about Miss Maria’s USAG Team:

  1. All USAG classes are 1.75 hours in length.
  2. All USAG members are required to take at least 2 Classes per week. 3.5 Hours. 3 required for levels 7+
  3. USAG and NAC meets do not conflict with each other.
  4. USAG students compete in 3 events: tumbling, trampoline, and double mini trampoline.
  5. Miss Maria’s USAG Team attends approximately 5 to 7 competitions in the late winter through early spring. Some of these competitions are out of town usually in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri.
  6.  All USAG Team members are required to attend at least 3 sanctioned competitions along with the State Meet. Students who qualify for Nationals at the State Meet are not required to attend Nationals, but most team members do participate in Nationals, which is considered the J.O. for Tumbling and Trampoline.
  7. Team members may also compete in the Regional competition which is held early May in TX.
  8. All USAG members are required to commit to a 9 month season and are required to attend an 8 week summer session as well.
  9. Auditions for the team are typically in late July.  However, private auditions are available through December.