Premier Specialty Contract

This contract must be filled out in its entirety and brought to the office before private lessons begin. The availability of private lessons is limited and is taken on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, if you wish to discontinue a private lesson, you must give the instructor a 2 week notice. Private lessons must be paid for on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on whichever the instructor prefers.
Cost for private lessons
Half hour private lesson - $30
Half hour semi-private lesson (2 students) - $24 per student
Half hour trio-private lesson (3 students) - $20 per student
Premier Choreography Cost(includes six 1/2 hour private lessons
Solo Choreography: $300 per student
Duet Choreography: $175 per student
Trio Choreography: $145 per student
Above fees are paid directly to the instructor.
-Choreography prices are only paid for a 6 week period. After 6 weeks, technique prices should be paid for remainder of lessons containing choreography.
-All competition specialty numbers (solos, duets, trios) will be assessed a fee paid to Miss Maria's. Solo-$50, Duet- $40 each, Trio-$35 each. This fee must be paid prior to choreography classes.

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  • The undersigned, in consideration of participation in this program, agrees to indemnify, defend, hold harmless and release Miss Maria’s Dance, Cheer & Gymnastics, Inc., its officers, directors, instructors, employees and/or assigns, from any and all direct or indirect liabilities, injuries and/or death, costs, damages and reasonable attorneys’ fees, which may be suffered by the below named individual registered in this program arising out of or in any way connected with participation in the program including parties and special events.
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