Recital Dress Rehearsal

Recital Dress Rehearsal at the Lied Center:

MANDATORY – JUNE 1. All Students must attend dress rehearsal at the times stated above in order to participate in the recital. Dress rehearsal runs like the real show, so students must wear costumes and recital make-up. You may videotape during Dress Rehearsal; however, we may not completely run through all numbers. Sorry, no video taping at the recital. It’s too distracting to audience members.

Dress Rehearsal – In Class:
Please come to class in full costume, make-up and tights the week of April 29th – May 4th. This helps us prepare for the pictures the following week. Premier does not need to wear their costumes or make-up this week as they have already competed so we know they have correct make-up and tights. NAC & USAG do.