Recital Make-Up

The following is the required Mary Kay make-up for each student in the recital: If students 5 & younger wish to not wear make up, this is okay by not recommended as stage lights wash out the face. We require foundation, but it does not need to be purchased through Mary-Kay.

Required Lipstick: Crushed Berry New color as Berry Kiss was discontinued.

Required Blush: Strawberry Cream

If you are new to Miss Maria’s and do not have the recital make-up, you may order it through the studio. You may also order through any Mary-Kay rep. We use the same make up year after year so make sure to save for next year. The make-up will be delivered to the studio for you to pick up at your convenience. Besides the required make-up, additional make-up may be worn including eye shadow, mascara, etc. The colors we feel look great on stage can been found on the Mary Kay order form. Orders due no later than April 16th.

If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Hipp. Her info is on the make-up order form.

Recital Makeup Order Form 2018

You may also order and pay online: Enter: Miss Maria’s in the comments.