Class Descriptions

All classes perform in the Annual Recital unless otherwise stated or noted as a ‘Technique Class.’ Call today!



  • Creative Movements (ages 2-3) - This class is a wonderful introduction to the world of dance and tumbling. It includes basic tap, ballet, and tumbling. It also focuses on stretching and movement, which encourages body and space awareness. The students participate in group activities designed to enhance and develop rhythm and coordination. This class performs in an in-studio performance for family and friends in May.
  • Play and Learn (ages 2-PreK) - This class will consist of learning activities that will focus on things like numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. It will incorporate learning basic tumbling skills and general movement along with play time in the gym.   Children will learn how to follow directions and work with others along with building new friendships. This is a perfect class to take in addition to a morning combo class.  Giving parents a little extra time to run some errands.
  • Mommy and Me (child ages 18months-3 years) - Students will explore the world of dance and tumbling with a parent, grandparent or other family member. The parent role will be to guide children through different basic tumbling motor skills as well has fun dancing to different learning songs.



  • Ballet training is the foundation for all forms of dance.  Ballet training provides a solid technical preparation for all other styles of dance. This beautiful form of dance provides individuals with confidence, poise, strength, flexibility and discipline. We recommend that students serious about their dance future enroll in Ballet class.
  • Tap - Tap is all about rhythmically tapping, striking, and shuffling. Wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, dancers will focus on their feet movements while tapping their toes and heels. This form of dance connects what students are hearing to what they are doing. Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style, and sound. Beginners will focus on the foundational movements including shuffles, shuffle ball change, flaps, strikes, heel clicks, and more.
  • Jazz - Jazz, like all dance, stems from the basic techniques of ballet. The difference between Ballet and Jazz is that Jazz moves faster than Ballet and showcases quicker dance movements. Beginning students learn basic fun dance movements like the Grapevine, Chasses, and the Jazz Square. Advanced Jazz students work on leaps, turns and dance progressions. Learning the correct Jazz technique is important, and a focus during class, along with stretching and conditioning. Jazz is an important class if students desire to join our dance team or school dance and cheer programs.
  • Hip Hop - Hip Hop is similar to street dancing or club style dancing. You often see Hip Hop in popular music videos. Hip Hop focuses on isolations, high energy rhythm and movement, musicality, and fun dance combinations. All Hip Hop classes perform in Recital.
  • Contemporary - Contemporary is a form of dance that combines jazz, ballet, and lyrical, but follows the rules of none. Contemporary will challenge dancers to combine both fluid and sharp movements to create something else entirely. Typically, contemporary dance also uses floor work and has dancers moving in ways they wouldn’t in any other style of dance. This class allows dancers to move freely and to really connect to their body and the way it moves.
  • Lyrical - This class combines jazz and ballet technique to create a form of dance that focuses on self-expression. Lyrical dances interpret the meaning and musicality of a song. Students will work on connecting with a song both emotionally and physically, while really learning how their bodies move. Typically, in a lyrical class students will work on both learning choreography and improvising.
  • Leaps and Turns - This class should be used as an additional class for dance team members or any student wanting to enhance their jazz & ballet skills.  This class will focus on breaking down each skill and using repetition and strength training to master beginner to advanced leaps, jumps and turns. Class skills will include, beginner through advanced leaps, pirouettes, chaine turns, pique turns, turning combinations, turning jumps, and other jump and turn progressions across the floor.
  • Stretch and Conditioning - This class is recommended for any dancers serious about advancing their dance technique, especially for our dance team members (or those on other dance teams).  It is 30 minutes focused entirely on stretching and conditioning. Students will get a deeper stretch that helps to increase flexibility, to prepare their bodies for dancing, and to prevent injury. Conditioning will include things like ab workouts, arms, legs, and jumps, all focused on building strong dancers.
  • Partnering - This class will teach students correct technique to physically supporting and lifting a partner, while also teaching the student being lifted how to position themselves and how to make the lift easier on the person lifting them and safe execution of the lifts. Students will work on developing strength, control, and trust all which are important in a partnering relationship. This is a recommended class for dancers on our dance team (or those on other dance teams).
  • Dance Choreography - This class is recommended for anyone on a dance team or planning to audition for a dance team. Or any student who likes to learn new dances. 2 years of jazz/ballet is recommended.  Each class will include new choreography dancers will learn and perform.  Styles will include Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, contemporary, Musical Theatre, and a few others. The goal of this class is to improve a student’s ability to pick up and memorize new choreography quickly and to challenge dancers to dance outside of their comfort zone!
  • Dance Team Prep - This class is perfect for the middle or high school dancers that are on a school dance team or planning to audition.  This class will focus on stretching, conditioning, leaps and turns and progressions across the floor.  This class will also include learning choreography in different styles of dance.  Styles will include mostly jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and pom.
  • Tap/Ballet Combo - The Tap/Ballet Combination class is comprised of 20-30 minutes of Tap and 20-30 minutes of Ballet. The Tap/Ballet Combination Class is a Beginning or Level I class–an excellent choice for students ages 3-6 not interested in tumbling.
  • Jazz/Hip Hop Combo - The Jazz/Hip Hop Combination class consists of 30 minutes of Jazz and 30 minutes of Hip Hop. This Combination class is for beginning dancers ages 5-10 and is a good transition from the younger 3-6 Combination classes. Special Note: The Jazz/Hip Hop class – 6 & Up is not recommended for students who have had more than 2 years of Hip Hop or Jazz classes.


Tumbling & Trampoline:

  • Tumbling - Our tumbling classes are available for basic through advanced skill levels. Beginners work on somersaults, backbends, cartwheels, and handstands, while also learning correct technique so they are able to progress to more advanced tumbling skills like walkovers, handsprings, power tumbling and aerial movement. Students that enjoy perfecting their skills and are more serious about their tumbling training advance into our NAC Tumbling Team & USAG Tumbling & Trampoline Team.
  • Trampoline - Trampoline is a perfect class for individuals that love to jump and keep moving. Trampoline is now an Olympic sport because of the amazing skills and benefit it brings to any athlete.  Trampoline is an all-encompassing sport that builds strength, coordination, agility and spatial awareness.  And it’s really fun! This class focuses on trampoline safety, learning basic jumping skills, dropping skills, (seat drop, puppy, tummy, dead bug, etc.), along with skill combinations that enhance memory.  Intermediate and advanced classes will begin and work on flipping skills.
  • Tumbling/Trampoline Combo - The Tumbling/Trampoline Combination class is comprised of 20-30 minutes of Tumbling and 20-30 minutes of Trampoline. The Tumbling/Trampoline Combination Class is a Beginning or Level I class–an excellent choice for students ages 3-6 not interested in dance.
  • NAC - N.A.C (National Acrobat Competition) is a competitive tumbling team at Miss Maria’s that competes in five (5) local meets in the Fall and Winter. N.A.C. Team tryouts happen in July (see the calendar for specific date and time). For more information on N.A.C. click here: <LINK>
  • USAG Pre Team (ages 6 & up) - This class focuses on the three events: Tumbling, Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline. The purpose of the class is to prepare students for the USAG Team and is open to students level 3 and higher. The students do not attend competitions or perform in the recital. This is also a great class for N.A.C. Members to take as a second tumbling class.
  • USAG - ●     USAG is a competitive Tumbling and Trampoline Team that competes in Tumbling, Trampoline, and Double Mini Trampoline. Our athletes typically attend 5 to 7 local & regional competitions in the Winter and Spring. Our athletes also have the option to compete Nationally. Many gymnasts feel that USAG Tumbling & Trampoline is a great alternative to traditional artistic gymnastics. Click here for more info <LINK>


Tumbling/Dance Combos:

  • Tumbling/Ballet Combo - The Tumbling/Ballet combination class consists of 30 minutes of Tumbling and 30 minutes of Ballet. The Tumbling/Ballet Combination is a perfect beginning class to explore the both dance and tumbling.  Young students will usually attend this combination class up until the age of 5 or 6, then they usually progress to classes devoted to a specific style or dance or tumbling class or our Tumbling/Jazz Combination class.
  • Tumbling/Jazz Combo - The Tumbling/Jazz Combination class consists of 30-45 minutes of Jazz and 30-45 minutes of Tumbling. This Combination class is for beginning dancers ages 5-10, and is a good transition from the younger 3-6 Combination classes. Special Note: The Tumbling/Jazz class – 6 & Up is not recommended for students who have had more than three years of tumbling or Jazz experience.
  • Tumbling/Tap/Ballet Combo - The Tumbling/Tap/Ballet Combination class consists of 30 minutes of Tap/Ballet and 30 minutes of Tumbling. Students will participate in 30 minutes of Tumbling each week and will rotate between Tap and Ballet every other week for 30 minutes. Young students will usually attend this combination class up until the age of 5 or 6, then they usually progress to classes devoted to a specific style or dance or tumbling class or our Tumbling/Jazz Combination class.



  • Cheerleading - The cheerleading class is for all levels, beginner through advanced. This class works on cheer jumps, chants, stunts, and basic cheer movement and technique. They may do a small amount of tumbling in this class as well.
  • Tumbling for Cheer - This class focuses on tumbling skills for cheer, instead of cheer technique. It helps our cheerleaders improve in the tumbling skills that are important and often used in cheerleading. This class is not recommended for those who have accomplished walkovers and handsprings. This is not a recital class, but is a great additional class for anyone in cheer classes to take.