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Class Descriptions

All classes perform in the Annual Recital unless noted as a ‘Technique Class.’ Call today!

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Tiny Tots – Ages 9 months – 18 months  (Not a Recital Class)
This unique class focuses on basic motor skills, coordination, and learning rhythm to music through songs and games.  This class is done with Mom or Dad or another family  member.

Mom’s Day to Play – Ages 2 & Up  (Not a Recital Class)
Mom’s Day to Play can help you add in some ME TIME to your busy schedule each week. This also gives your children the chance to interact with other children and teachers, have lots of fun participating in various activities, and even learn something new. Mom’s Day to Play is your chance to get a break without worrying about your children while you’re away. Please make sure your child has had a snack or meal prior to arriving as we will not feed them.  Also if they need a change of clothes or a diaper please provide that as well.  They are allowed to bring a unique or labeled water bottle to have with them otherwise no other food is allowed in the building.

Gymnastics Classes – Ages 3 & Up
Our Gymnastics classes focus on basic through advanced tumbling skills.  Beginners work on somersaults, backbends, cartwheels, and handstands, learning correct technique so they are able to progress to more advanced tumbling skills like walkovers, handsprings, power tumbling and aerial movement.   Students that enjoy perfecting thier skills and are more serious about their tumblinng training advance into our our NAC Tumbling Team & USAG Tumbling & Trampoline Team

Jazz – Ages 6 & Up
Jazz, like all dance, stems from the basic techniques of ballet. The difference between Ballet and Jazz is that Jazz moves faster than Ballet and showcases quicker dance movements. Beginning students learn basic fun dance movements like the Grapevine, Chasses, and the Jazz Square. Advanced Jazz students work on leaps, turns and dance progressions. Learning the correct Jazz technique is important, and a focus during class, along with stretching and conditioning. Jazz is an important class if students desire to join our dance team or school dance and cheer programs.

Hip Hop – Ages 7 & Up
Hip Hop is similar to street dancing or club style dancing. You see Hip Hop in popular music videos.  Hip Hop focuses on isolations, high energy rhythm and movement, and fun Hip Hop dance combinations.  All Hip Hop classes perform in Recital.

Ballet – Ages 5 & Up
Ballet training is the foundation for all forms of dance.  Ballet training provides a solid technical preparation for all other styles of dance.  This beautiful form of dance provides individuals with confindence, poise, strength, flexibily and discipline.   We recommend that students serious about their dance future enroll in Ballet class.

Gymnastics/Ballet Combination – Ages 3 to 6
The Gymnastics/Ballet combination class comprises 30 minutes of Tumbling and 30 minutes of Ballet. The Gymnastics/Ballet Combination Class is a Beginning Level class. Young students will usually attend combination classes up until the age of 5 or 6, then they usually progress to one-hour classes devoted to a specific dance type shown on this page or our Gymnastics/Jazz Combination class.

Gymnastics/Tap/Ballet Combination – Ages 3 to 6
The Gymnastics/Tap/Ballet Combination class comprises 30 minutes of Tap and Ballet and 30 minutes of Tumbling. Students will participate in 30 minutes of Tumbling each week and every other week will be devoted to 30 minutes of Ballet or Tap.   Young students will usually attend combination classes up until the age of 5 or 6, then they usually progress to one-hour classes devoted to a specific dance type shown on this page or our Gymnastics/Jazz Combination class.

Tap/Ballet Combination – Ages 3 to 6
The Tap/Ballet Combination class is comprised of 20-30 minutes of Tap and 20-30 minutes of Ballet. The Tap/Ballet Combination Class is a Beginning or Level I class–an excellent choice for students ages 3-6 not interested in tumbling.

Gymnastics/Jazz Combination – Ages 6 & Up
The Gymnastics/Jazz Combination class is comprised of 30-45 minutes of Jazz and 30-45 minutes of Tumbling. This Combination Class is for beginning dancers ages 5-10, and is a good transition from the younger 3-6 Combination classes. Special Note: The Acro/Jazz Class – 6 & Up is not recommended for students who have had more than three years of full-hour Acrobat or Jazz experience.

Creative Movement – For Ages 2 – 3  (Not a Recital Class)
This wonderful class is an introduction to the word of dance and tumbling. This class also consists of Stretching and Movement, which encourages body space and awareness. Basic tap, ballet and tumbling are also included. Students participate in group activities designed to enhance and develop rhythm and coordination. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and leotard are required. Tights are optional.

Dance With Me – Ages 18 months – 3 Years + Family Member (Not a Recital Class)
This introductory dance class breaks down the elements of dance and incorporates movement, songs and games. With the assistance of a family member, students will learn through use of music, imagination, and simple dance steps. This program allows students to learn new skills and–most of all–have fun while becoming familiar with dance and tumbling. Pink ballet shoes and leotard are required.

Cheerleading & Tumbling for Cheerleaders- Ages 8 & Up
The cheerleading class is for beginning through advanced cheerleaders. This class works on cheer jumps, chants, stunts and basic cheer movement. A small amount of tumbling may be also be introduced. Please note our Tumbling for Cheerleaders classes focus only tumbling skills for Cheer and is NOT a Recital class.  The main focus is learning tumbling skills with less focus on technique.

N.A.C. Tumbling Team
N.A.C. (National Acrobat Competition) is a competitive Tumbling Team at Miss Maria’s that competes in five (5) local meets in the Fall and Winter. Tryouts for Miss Maria’s N.A.C. Team are in July. Please see our calendar for tryout date and time. For more information on N.A.C. click here: NAC information.

U.S.A.G. Tumbling and Trampoline Team – or USATT
USAG is a Competitive Tumbling & Trampoline Team Team that competes in Tumbling, Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline. Athletes typically attend 5 to 7 meets locally, regionally and nationally in the Winter and Spring. Nationals competition is held in the Summer. This team is a good progression from our N.A.C. Tumbling Team. Students must be a level 5 or higher (be able to perform a round-off back handspring) in order to try out for the team. Tryouts for this team are in July. Many athletes feel that USATT is a great alternative to traditional gymnastics. Students compete at a State, Regional and National Level with a smaller time commitment than traditional gymnastics. There is less risk of injury, less cost and more fun!

USAG Tumbling & Trampoline Pre-Team Class- Ages 6 & Up
This class focuses on Tumbling, Trampoline and the Double Mini Trampoline, which are the 3 competition events of the USAG Tumble and Tramp Team (USATT team). This class prepares students for the USAG Team. This class does not attend competitions or perform in the Annual Recital. This class is a great choice for a second class for members of our N.A.C. Tumblling Team.

The class works on combinations of basic skills and form skills. Once they have their basic skills and combinations, students begin to work on Flipping skills, back tuck, front tuck, back and front pikes and layouts.

Miss Maria's Acrobat & Dance

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