Premier Dance Team Information

Premier 2022

Dance Intensive Camp

Dancers will train in technique and choreography in all styles including ballet, jazz, leaps and turns, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, improvisation, acro, dance conditioning, and more.

During the dance intensive, participants will learn the combinations they’ll be asked to perform during team auditions. 

Participants in the Premier Dance Intensive will have the opportunity to train with the Miss Maria’s faculty as well as some exciting guest teachers. These classes will feature many different styles of movement and will provide participants with the chance to try something new.


Mini Dance Co.

Ages 5-6 – They will be required to take 1 assigned class, 1.5 hours long that will meet on Mondays or Wednesdays to learn their competition dance, and jazz and ballet technique. 

Ages 7-8 – Required to take 2 assigned classes that will meet on Monday or Wednesday that will have jazz, ballet and practice their competition dance.  These students may also request additional dances in which practices would be on Tuesdays.

Premier Dance Co. Ages 9 & UP

Class hours per week – Minimum of 3, maximum of 8+ depending on amount of participation desired.

Required Classes:

1.5 hour of Jazz & Leaps & Turns, 1.5  Hour of Ballet (these classes will be on Monday or Wednesday and be back to back)  These classes will be assigned to members after auditions.  These are technique classes.  We also recommend additional ballet, leaps and turns,  Lyrical, Strength & Stretch

Dance Team Fees

Costumes run between $75 and $125 per costume.

Team Fees run approx. $60 per dance

Competition Fees are approx. $65 per dance per competition.

Extras: Shoes, tights, make up, hair pieces, rhinestones

Average amount of dances that company members compete is typically 4.

We attend 2 local competitions and 1 National competition that is usually fairly close to home or within driving distance if you choose. Previous Nationals competitions we have attended were in St. Louis, MO, Pensacola Beach, FL, Branson, MO, Wisconsin Dells, WI, and Galveston, TX. 

Team members are required to purchase the Team Jacket (approx. $115.00)