Inclement Weather Policy

If classes are canceled at Miss Maria’s Acrobat & Dance Studio due to bad weather, an email will be sent out at or before 2:00 PM for evening classes and morning classes will be canceled if Olathe School District cancels school. Miss Maria’s will also post the same information on our website home page.
We encourage you to make-up your class due to illness, weather or school conflicts. If you would like to make up your class, please check our website for the appropriate times to attend another class.

Tornado Watch – classes as normal. Parents are encouraged to stay.
Tornado warning before your child’s class begins – classes as normal. Parents are encouraged to stay. Students will not be counted as absent if you choose not to bring your child to class.

Tornado warning with sirens and/or tornado spotted in area before your child’s class begins – do not drive to studio, class will be cancelled.

Tornado warning begins with sirens during a class – you may take your child if you are at the studio. Students, faculty and parents will go to bathrooms and/or inner hallway away from windows until warning expires. Class will resume as normal after warning expires.
As always, the ultimate decision to attend class or take your child from class if a watch or warning begins is always up to the parents. Please call the office if you have questions during severe weather.