N.A.C. General Information

NAC 2022

NAC stands for the National Acrobat Competition. NAC comprises a local tumbling competition in which students from Miss Maria’s and other area dance and tumbling studios attend. During class, students work on an tumbling routine that is comparable to their level in tumbling. There are 10 levels in NAC – beginners through advanced tumbling. NAC routines consist of approximately 15 skills. Students may also compete in one of 5 levels on the Mini Trampoline.

Miss Maria’s NAC classes focus on students working to perfect the skills in their routine and the Mini Tramp. Students compete this routine against students from different dance and tumbling studios in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Each student is then awarded a place for their performance. The competitions are usually between 1 to 3 hours in length.

  • NAC classes meet once a week for an hour and follow the regular Miss Maria’s tuition Schedule.
  • It is highly recommended that students take an additional technique or USAG Pre-Team class along with their NAC class.
  • NAC classes do perform in the recital. You may not participate in NAC if you cannot perform in the recital.
  • Students compete in 5 local competitions which are held at various locations locally. Competitions are held in October and/or early November, late January, early February, and early March.
  • Students are required to purchase the Miss Maria’s Team Jacket and competition Leotard.
Costs Involved

Leotard approx. $150.00 (worn for 2 or 3 years)
Team Jacket approx. $55.00 ( worn for 4 or 5 years)
Meet entry $34.00 – $68 per meet


Tryouts take place during the summer. Contact the office to set up a time to tryout. 


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