Recital Information

Mark Your Calendars! Miss Maria's annual recital is Saturday, June 1, 2024!

When: Saturday, June 1, 2024

Where: The Lied Center, University of Kansas, 1600 Steward Dr. Lawrence, KS 66045 (Location Subject to Change)



Each class has their own costumes. Costume fees are paid with December tuition. Students will be measured for their costume in class prior to Christmas break and costumes will be ordered in early January. When costumes arrive, students will try them on in class to make sure they fit.


Dress Rehearsal:

We will have dress rehearsal one week in April at the studio to make sure all student have the proper attire. We will also have dress rehearsal at the venue on the day of the recital to give the students the chance to get on stage prior to the show. Dress rehearsal runs like the real show, so students must wear costumes and recital make-up. You may videotape during dress rehearsal; however, we may not completely run through all numbers. Sorry, no videotaping at the recital.


Recital Pictures:

Recital pictures will be taken during your child’s class in May. Please come to class in full costume or team leotard, make-up and fully ready to have your picture taken. Each class will have a picture taken. Individual pictures may also be purchased and taken at this time. You may pre order your photos then simply pick up your photo cards on picture day or order them on the day. NAC, USAG, and Premier will have team photos taken.


Day of Recital:

There are 2 shows. The dances will perform in just one show. We do our best for families in multiple classes to participate in just one show. The first show rehearsal is in the morning. The show follows and ends early afternoon. The second show rehearsal starts immediately after the first show ends. The second show starts in the early evening.


Recital Dance Order:

The order of the dances will come out in April. On the day of the recital, the first 10 dances will line up backstage before the rehearsal and show. The remaining students will sit in the balcony with their class until they are sent backstage. After they perform, they return to the balcony to wait for the finale at the end of the show.



Each dance needs 1-2 parent volunteers to bring the students backstage and then bring them back to the balcony after they perform. They will remain with the class during the entire dress rehearsal and show. Sign-ups will be posted in April.


Recital Fees and Tickets:

Fees are $50.00 per student or $75.00 for families with 2 or more children in the recital. $95 for families 3+ and are due with April Tuition. Recital fees cover the cost of the recital, rent, staffing, etc. along with unlimited tickets to the recital for family and friends. Actual tickets are not printed, recital is open to all family and friends. Seating is first come, first served.


Recital Make-Up:

We would like for everyone to wear make up in the recital. You may wear your own foundation but ask that you please order the specific lipstick and blush colors from Mary Kay. You may order through our studio rep or your own rep. We use the same make up year after year so make sure to save for next year.


Recital Tights:

All students performing in the recital must wear tights except Cheer & USAG. No underwear should be worn with any costume. Tight Color is Light Suntan by Balera. You may purchase these yourself or order from the dance boutique. Many girls get 2 or 3 years out of their tights so keep in a safe place for the next year.


Recital DVD:

Miss Maria’s has a professional DVD made of each recital show. You may purchase this DVD through the studio; an order form will be sent home. You may pick up your order after July 15th in the office.


Recital T-Shirt:

Each year we have commemorative recital t-shirts. Each t-shirt will include a 2-color graphic design of the recital theme along with the names of all the students in the recital. They can be purchased through the office.