July 11, 2019 all-day
Miss Maria's
KS 66061

Ages 5-6 4:30pm, Ages 7-10 5:00pm, Ages 11-12 6:00pm, Ages 13 & UP 7:00

Audition Fee – $80.00 Enroll and pay online (Coming soon)

Make up Auditions TBD

A student that makes the team will we have a $40.00 credit that will be applied towards their Costume fees. Students who do not make the team will receive a $40 refund in the way of a check or a credit towards fall tuition. No refund will be given to any member that makes the team but then at any time chooses not to participate on the team.

Please remember that all Premier members are required to take 1 hour of jazz and ballet technique class per week along with 1 hour of Leaps and Turns. Mini team (5-7) requires hour per week. Advanced Mini Team requires 1.5 hours, 30 minutes Jazz Tech, 30 of ballet tech and 30 minutes of choreography all on Monday. They may also request an additional dance held on Tuesdays.