N.A.C. Judging Guidelines


Total Points: 4
Maximum Deduction: .5
Failure, omission, and/or addition of trick constitutes an automatic deduction of .5. Going the wrong direction is also a deduction of .5 (for each pass in the wrong direction). Partially made tricks constitutes deductions up to .4.

Body Lines

Total Points: 3
Maximum Deduction: .1
Deductions of .1 will be taken for each of the following: bent arms and legs, unpointed toes, going crooked on the mat, unnecessary steps and balance errors, and incorrect placement of arms and legs. (Stepping off the mat carries a .3 deduction.) Not walking to the end of the mat at the completion of one’s routine constitutes a .1 deduction. .1 will be deducted for each time skills are not synchronized during the synchronized category.


Total Points: 2
Maximum Deduction: .4
Deductions for how well tricks are executed include the following: Extension of the body during control skills – handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, extension rolls, arabians, handsprings, etc. Holding any kind of handstands is included in this category. Height of all aerial movement is also included in this category.

General Impression

Total Points: 1
This category includes the overall impression the judges have of the routine or tumbling pass. It includes the following: smile, personality, confidence, continuity of routine and knowledge of the routine.


Body Position Maximum Deduction: .3 Straddle and Pike jumps – Legs should be parallel to floor. Tuck jump should be tight to chest. Straight jump should be straight perpendicular to floor. Front and back tuck aerial should be in tight tuck position. Flysprings and dive roll – body should be straight. Dive roll – body should hit a straight position parallel to floor before rolling.

Body Lines Maximum Deduction: .3 Includes straight legs, pointed toes and legs together when applicable

Arm Position Maximum deduction: .2 Hands should be on top of foot for Pike and Straddle. Hands should be on shins for tucks jump, front and back tuck aerials. Arms should be by ears on front flysprings and dive rolls and straight jumps. Arms should be up when hitting the trampoline.

Landing Maximum deduction: .3 Show stability after and land in center of mat.

Height of Skills Maximum deduction: .2

Other Falling on a skill = .5 deduction; Touching hands to floor (except for flyspring and dive roll) = .3 deduction Skills must be performed in the correct order. If a pass is done in the wrong order it will receive a 0. If a child runs up to tramp and stops before touching tramp they may start over. If they touch the tramp but don’t jump off, it will be a 0. A double jump on the tramp constitutes a 0 for the pass. Touching the tramp but completing the skill constitutes a .3 deduction.