Recital Photo Week

Recital Photo Week is almost here! Recital Pictures will be taken May 6th through May 11th 2018.
Recital Photo Order form – Click and click on Miss Maria’s to download the 2 page order form from Bill Artman Photography. You are encouraged to pre-order dance photographs to save time for the ordering process. The student’s ticket(s) will be ready for pickup during the photography week and waiting in line will be minimized. Pre-order instructions are on the order form. Please call Bill Artman Photography at 913.631.4725 with questions. You can pre-order your pictures no later than May 1st.  Staple your check to the form and bring it to the office.

It is an exciting, high energy, busy, and sometimes stressful week – especially for first and second year students and parents. Go ahead and take a deep breath, relax and realize that it really is organized chaos. Each class will have a picture taken. Individual pictures may also be purchased and taken at this time. The photos will be taken in the large Dance Room. We kindly request that parents please not enter the photography room. The instructors and photographer will make sure that your child looks great!
Help us make it smoother by preparing in advance.

  1. Parking will be at a premium. Many parents stay for the photos, so plan to park in the additional parking lot in front of Family Leisure and walk to the studio.
  2. Complete the Picture Order Forms and write your check in advance. Photos must be paid for when taken.
  3. Wait in your classroom (student and parents), unless your class is typically in the large dance room. This helps keep the lobby less congested and easier to get students in and out of the photo room.
  4. Arrive ON TIME with full make-up, hair and costume including tights so that the photo taking schedule is not held up because one student is not there or not ready.
  5. Four classes per hour will have class photos and individual photos taken. That’s a lot of photos!!! If students listen and stay with their class, rather than running between rooms in the excitement of the day, the entire process goes faster. Depending on how fast students set up for class photos and individual photos will determine whether we keep on schedule

Saturday morning classes will have their pictures taken Saturday, May 11th

NAC classes will have their class pictures taken at regular class times.


PREMIER TEAM PHOTO NOTE: The TEAM PICTURE WILL BE TAKEN PROMPTLY as scheduled. Please arrive to the studio in Blue jeans, Team jacket, white shirt and full make-up. (any style shoes) Any hair, any make up. We will not wait for late arrivals or girls/boys who are not ready right at the designated time. Have your tights on under your jeans so that changing into your next costume will be easier.